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Stainless steel landscape sculpture

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Stainless steel landscape sculpture

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Stainless steel sculpture

 Stainless steel is short for stainless acid-resistant steel。 its main feature is that it can resist atmospheric corrosion, and it has good formability, compatibility and toughness。 it is widely used in industries, buildings, articles for daily use and decoration。  Its characteristics are close to the brightness of the mirror surface, hale and hearty touch feeling, aesthetic in line with the times environment, and it is also used by stainless steel sculpture manufacturers as new materials in sculpture creation。  According to the different antioxidant properties, stainless steel materials have different labels in China, and generally the models suitable for sculpture creation are around 304 and 316。  Stainless steel materials are generally plates with various thickness specifications and models。  The sculpture processing forms of plates are mainly forging process and welding。  Forging the plate surface by external force in blocks, forming corresponding shapes, welding and forming multiple plate surfaces, and then polishing to finish the mirror stainless steel sculpture。  Another process is stainless steel casting。  The casting process of stainless steel is similar to that of copper casting。 after the casting is completed, the mirror colored stainless steel sculpture can be produced by polishing。

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