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Foshan steel warrior metal products co., ltd. is located in China's larger stainless steel processing distribution center, enjoying the pearl river delta center hinterland named " national manufacturing land" - wanhua industrial zone, Chancheng district, Foshan city, with a registered capital of 5 million. it enjoys convenient transportation and links with a number of national and provincial traffic arteries. Our company has been committed to designing and researching high-end stainless steel customization of five-star hotels, high-end commercial places and villas at home and abroad, and has a first-class domestic stainless steel r & d design team with an ……

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    未标题-3.png According to the decoration design drawings or space sizes provided by customers, our design team will customize stainless steel decoration products exclusively for you, and provide decoration engineering scheme to make the space clever!

    未标题-3.png Conforms to the architectural design, makes more effective use of space, and is highly decorative。 every detail is carefully designed and luxurious。 the steel warrior thinks of the beauty implication。



    未标题-3.png We have the first-class stainless steel r & d and design team in China, and we have an integrated service system from raw materials finishing to engineering design, production, installation, sales and after-sales service。

    未标题-3.png Refused to use non-national standard materials, refused to decolor, rust and other quality problems, 100 % green, safe and durable。



    未标题-3.png One - to - one exclusive service, providing samples for free and proofing samples for free; The self-owned installation team will conduct on-site measurement for free, and the designer will deepen the design for free according to the drawings provided by customers。

    未标题-3.png Two - year warranty period, lifelong maintenance, providing online services all day long for 365 days.

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    Screen has been around for a long time, and stainless steel screen is a kind of decorative products which...

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